Joker: Kirito Custom
Customed Joker 5
Model Info
Japanese: ジョーカー・キリトカスタム
Dub Name Harlequin: Kurt Edition
Frame Type: Strider Framed LBX (original frame)
LBX Type: Personal Customized
Brand Maker: Tiny Orbit (original brand)
Arnaments: Crescent Moon Hammer weapon icon
Owner: Kirito Kazama
Affiliation/s: Omega Dain
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut: Danball Senki W Episode 09
Appears in Game, Anime

Joker: Kirito Custom (ジョーカー・キリトカスタム Jokaa: Kirito Casutamu) is Kirito Kazama's customized Joker, appearing in Danball Senki W.


The parts used to build this model consists of: a standard red Joker head, Lucifer's torso, Nightmare's legs, and blue Master Command arms.


Due to Kirito's cutomization skills, its attack, defense and mobility are at such high levels. It was first used against Yuuya Haibara's Liu Bei, ending in a draw.


  • Crescent Moon (クレセントムーン)

Attack Functions

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