Jin's preferred choice of LBX customization are preferrably Knight Framed types with hammer.


  • The Emperor: is Jin's s first LBX. Due to its tenacious power and incredible speed, most of its opponents lasts only for just a matter of seconds.
  • Emperor M2: is Jin's second LBX. This LBX is the upgraded form of The Emperor. Emperor M2 is using the best-class CPU which results for its high reaction speed and tenacious power, overwhelming Ban's Achilles even in V-mode.
  • Proto Zenon: is Jin's third LBX developed by Cyber Lance. Proto Zenon is a prototype for the next generation of LBXs. It uses a Beetle H2 for its CPU, Devil Tail V3, and Devil Horn X. Its processing speed is seven times greater than a normal LBXs.This LBX is not meant for just any player to use. And it's not compatible with the traditional CCM.
  • Zenon: is Jin's fourth LBX. Zenon was developed by Cyber Lance. Using Proto Zenon's data, Cyber Lance created this new generation LBX. This Zenon was made with the ultimate specs, just for Jin.
  • Triton: is Jin's fifth LBX. Triton was developed by Cyber Lance specifically for Kaidou Jin.It's equipped with a hammer,and in order for it to keep up with Jin's command speeds,it's a new generation LBX that was given a non-standard data processing ability.
  • Ikaros Zero: is borrowed by Jin from Junichirou Yamano temporarily, when Jin and Yuuya tried to saved Tiny Orbit.

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