Jin Kaidou

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Media Info
Japanese 海道 ジン
Translation Kaidou Jin
Dub Name Justin Kaido
Nickname(s) Split Second Killer Emperor (秒殺の皇帝)
Doldkins (ドルドキンス)
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 09 (Original); Episode 01 (Wars) (shadowed)
Appears in Anime, Game, Manga
Voice Actor Hisafumi Oda
Personal Info
Age 13 (debut)
14 (W)
18 (Wars)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relatives Yoshimitsu Kaidou (adoptive grandfather)
Occupation Student, LBX player
Cyber Lance Test player
Kamui Daimon Harness Vice-Commander
Affiliation(s) Innovator (defected)
Seeker, NICS, Cyber Lance
Harness (WARS)
LBX: The Emperor, Emperor M2
Proto Zenon, Zenon, Triton
Musha (temporary)
Ikaros Zero (temporarily borrowed)
Achievement(s) Angra Visdas Runner-Up
2050 Artemis Runner-Up
Akihabara Kingdom Finalist
2051 Artemis Finalist

Jin Kaidou (海道 ジン) is one of the main protagonists in the Danball Senki and one of the main supporting characters in Danball Senki W series. He then reappears as a support character in the Danbal Senki Wars as Harness' vice-commander, and soon to be allied with Jenock.


Eight years prior to the current setting of Danball Senki, Jin's biological parents were killed when the Tokio Bridge collapsed. At the bridge, he was publicly adopted by Yoshimitsu Kaidou and thus became Yoshimitsu's grandson.


L5 WARS Jin Kaidou

New concept artwork of Jin in Danball Senki WARS

Jin is a paled, slim young man of average height. He has black hair with a grey-white streak on the right side. He has red eyes and wears a black and purple suit outside of a white shirt and a grey vest. He wears a pair of maroon skinny jeans and dress shoes.

As a little child he used to wear a white t-shirt with red sleeves, khaki shorts, black socks and trainers. His hairstyle was almost the same.

In Danball Senki W, he wears jeans and a teal shirt to match his new LBX, Triton, with a black and purple vest over it. His hair also grows a little.

In WARS Jin wears a white t-shirt with black vest, gray pants and navy blue jacket. His hairstyle appears slightly different. He also has a silver pendant.


Kaidou Jin is a prodigy with a high degree of knowledge in technology. He is distant from others and tends to be silent, but he enjoys playing with LBX. Because he was raised from the rich Kaido family, he has a very social polite manner towards people, friends and otherwise. After becoming friends with Ban Yamano, he becomes more open.
Jin Kaidou TV-tokyo profile

Jin design in Danball Senki W


Danball Senki

Jin first debuted in Episode 10, where he's seen going to school in a fighter jet, making everyone surprised at his entrance, especially by Daikoji Ryu, and makes eye contact with Ban Yamano. Later, he's seen underneath Blue Cats Cafe, battling 3 Zuul using The Emperor.

Later, he saves Achilles from Daiki Sendou's Joker by shielding it from Joker's attack by using The Emperor.

He then appears in Blue Cats Cafe, entering the Underground Vicidus Tournament. In episode 12, he competes in the first round of Angra Visdas and also defeats his opponent. He watches Ban’s battle against Gatou, and is shocked when Ban uses his missile to implode Gatou’s missiles back at him. He makes it to the quarterfinals where he battles Ami. Ami tries to surprise him with a quick attack, but Jin anticipates it and Emperor strikes down Kunoichi in one quick hit. Jin advances to the semi-finals where he faces off against Kazu.

In episode 13, Jin and Kazu battle. Hunter tries to snipe him, but Jin’s  fast movements allow Emperor to completely avoid every shot, He jumps down and strikes his mace into Hunter’s shoulder joints as he wins the match in 9.9 seconds.

In episode 14, Jin and Ban face off in the finals and he reveals to the latter that he’s a member of Innovator. Ban swears to defeat him. Ban tricks him into getting Emperor in the air and uses Advance V-Mode to gain the upper hand in battle. Jin's initial shock, is soon replaced with smiles even as Emperor’s health drops by 25 percent because in his eyes, he can fight seriously. Jin speeds up Emperor’s movements further blinding Achilles with rapid fire attacks from all angles and causing Ban to lose Advance V-Mode in the process. As the fight drags on with Emperor gaining the upper hand, Jin uses his hissatsu function: Impact Kaiser to defeat Achilles. The energy and the eruption is so fierce that half of the diorama is engulfed in magma and Achilles is buried. Jin thinks he’s won but is surprised by Ban declaration of victory and Achilles getting up from the crater made from Impact Kaiser. With newfound strength, Ban is able to match him in strength and speed, and he feels generally surprised by his rival. As Achilles starts damaging Emperor, Jin's earnest happiness is shown as his butler confirms that he hasn't seen that expression from Jin in years The two are evenly matched, and him and Ban prepare their finishing moves. However, Jin’s CPU stops responding as Emperor stops before it can use Impact Kaiser. His responses were so fast that they overloaded the connection between his quick manual control and Emperor. With Emperor unable to react, Ban wins the tournament. Jin walks off, but gives Ban the coordinates to where Professor Yamano is located to help find his father. He leaves with his butler picking up his Emperor and calls his grandfather. Jin is told that he was too overconfident and tells his grandfather that he told Ban the professor's location.

In episode 16,  Jin challenges Van to a rematch with his new LBX, the Emperor Mark 2. His butler blocks off Kazu’s attempts to escape by warning them that Jin could trip the alarm if he wanted to. Jin comments on his ensured victory now that his processor’s been updated and what happened at Artemis won’t happen again. When the Emperor Mark 2 and Achilles both use their finishers, they knock each other temporarily unconscious. Jin is shocked that he cannot seem to defeat Ban, even with a new computer processor. However, his grandfather’s henchmen come in his room to capture Ban and co, so Jin tells them to leave.

In episode 17, he hides in background of Kaidou’s mansion where the captured Seekers and Kaidou’s security. Like the others, Jin becomes aware of his plans with the Yamano family, Yoshimitsu’s blackmail of Rina, and the Metanoia GX. After Professor Yamano activates the bombs in the stadium, Jin finds Ban and his friends’ CCM, who thanks him. When Ban leaves, Jin tells himself that he will defeat Ban at Artemis before running off to help his grandfather.

During episode 18, Jin arrives at the Artemis stadium when notices Yuuya Haibara with a sign of one of his bodyguards briefcase, ‘’Kamiya Craft’’, a subsidiary company that works with Yoshimitsu. He’s revealed to be entering Artemis by himself in Block A. In episode 19, he gets through Block A easily, and faces Lex and Hanzou in the semi-finals. Jin starts the match using Impact Kaiser, but Lex’s G-Rex punches the ground of the diorama to counter his technique. Jin tries to go on the offensive, and counters Hanzou’s Gaou Cannon with the missiles from Emperor's Imperial Launcher. After surviving G-Rex’s Gatling Bullet, Jin tries to knock down Lex’s LBX but Hanzou interferes and sacrifices Hakai-O to protect G-Rex, leaving his Emperor MK 2 defenseless for G-Rex. But Jin takes a second notice when G-Rex comes close to beating him but doesn’t, so he fires Emperor’s missiles to break over G-Rex. Jin wins, but he asks Lex why he let me in. Lex answers to him that Jin was just more skilled, but Hanzou yells at him for being disrespectful that Lex didn’t give it his all. Then he easily wins the final battle and becomes the first finalist for Artemis. In episodes 20, he looks at Ban, Ami, and Kazu while smiling since he hopes to meet Ban in the battle royale. During episode 22, he’s shocked alongside the rest of the cast by Yuuya’s Habra’s plays in Block E. He also tunes Emperor MK 2 in time for the final battle.

In episode 23, the Artemis 2050 Final battle commences and Jin directly rushes at Ban with Emperor against Achilles before their battle is interrupted by Ota Red and Bibinbird X, reminding the two that they have three other opponents to contend with. He's horrified after witnessing Yuuya's insanity from Psycho Scanning Mode after Judge eliminate Masquerade J and Bibinbird X. He decides in order to save Yuuya, to ally with Ban temporarily to save Yuuya. The two team up as Yuuya becomes more unstable and stronger. They can’t get close, but as Yuuya starts randomly swinging around, Jin has Emperors fires missiles at Judge as a smokescreen to attack from the air. As Judge clears the smoke screen, he and Ban are able to dodge Power Slash by bouncing Achilles and Emperor’s weapons on each other despite descening from the air. The in a joint move, Emperor and Achilles knock back Judge and he activates Impact Kaiser while Ban activates Lighting Lance, which manages to Break Over Judge and free Yuuya. However, he checks on Yuuya’s unconscious body before the paramedics arrive to take him to the hospital.

In episode 31, he meets Ban again and tells him about Yuuya's current condition in the hospital. Then he accepts a battle from Ban. During the battle, Jin reveals to Ban that he started playing LBX at a young age, and excelling appeased his grandfather, which made him happy as a result. He tells him that he doesn't understand his father's goals to use the very thing they loved against the world.

Danball Senki W

He saves Jessica and Hiro from the speeding subway with his new LBX, Triton, and helps with Ban and the others to join the fight against Detector.

He becomes Jessica Kaios's coach, chosen by Otacross. He wanted to show her that even if she is a good LBX player, she still has much to learn. Thus, he gives Jessica Triton's weapon to wield at Angratexas. At first, Jessica had trouble handling it. Later, after Jin's encouragement, Jessica uses her photographic memory to win her match. She then admits to how lacking she is in other forms of combat and begins to call Jin "coach".

In the anime, he later is seen accompany Ran in her battle against Hiro, after her argue with Yuuya.

Jin teamed up with Ban and Jessica in Artemis. During the final battle of E Block, he had Triton block a Hyper Energy Bomb from Yuuya's Liu Bei and countered that with Ocean Blast despite being injured. Triton and Liu Bei both Break Over'ed


Jin appearing again but not revealing his face.

Danball Senki Wars

In episode 1, he appears, though his face was never revealed, only shadowed.

In episode 7, he is also seen at the same time he reveals himself and reappeared in the briefing room of the Jenock Faction.

In episode 13 he is seen discussing Bandit with Reina Mito.

In episode 18, he is seen again meeting Arata and the rest of the First Platoon in a billiard club. Mito then introduces him as Harness's vice commander and sub teacher under the code name, Doldkins (ドルドキンス). After that, he also confirms the truth of Second World and declares the alliance between Jenock and Harness.

In episode 19, Mito was talking to him on the phone about Rikuya having the Parasite Key. 

In episode 20, Jin meets Mito to discuss about the plan, he shows Mito a recorded clip of Bandit. In War Time, he and Mito command their platoon to retreat, wait for their chance after Bandit is done what they want with Rossius, which makes Arata become angry. At the end of the episode, he is shocked when seeing The Death Forest is now destroyed completely and a door to The Lost Area is hidden underneath it.

In episode 21, he is surprised to see Arata's Overload and tells Mito that this's what the professor has always looked for. After Arata is recovered, he meets up with him and explains what Overload is to Arata. 

In episode 22, he asks Haruki to borrow the 1st Platoon's mechanist. He gives Sakuya and Takeru Kojou an USB of the new LBX's data afterward, tells them to make it.


Danball Senki Wars

To recruit Jin, he needs to be defeated first in the Under-Ranking Battles. After doing so, he will be available on the LBX Player List.

He will have the following information:

Hissatsu functions

Danball Senki Wars


  • He is the first rival and new protagonist to use Knight Framed LBXs.
  • His LBXs seemed to be named after kings such as The Emperor and Triton.
  • He has two LBXs that can capable of stopping trains,Proto Zenon and Ttiton.
  • His hair's colors are same to Ijuuin Enzan of Rockman.EXE's Series, both are rival of his respective protagonist.
    • Similar to above, they both are the heir of high conglomerate companies.
  • Oddly enough, in the original LBX, Jin's skill with a controller had him able to issue commands with such speed that he at times went faster than the CPU. However, by later series, Jin's skill seems to have degraded and he issues commands at normal speed.