Jet Striker
JET Striker 01
Media Info
Japanese: Jetストライカー
Translation: Jetto Sutoraikā
Dub name: Asgard Airstrike
Game debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime debut: Episode 44
Type: Chou hissatsu icon Ex hissatsu icon
Attack power: 260
Range: Mid-Range
Elements: Shock element icon Shock
Chance guage: Chance gauge icon 5
Attained: Odin LBXSet icon
O-Legion LBXSet icon
Orion LBXSet icon
K-Arthur LBXSet icon

Jet Striker (JETストライカー Jetto Sutoraikā) is an EX attack function exclusive to transformable LBXs introduced in the Danball Senki series.


Danball Senki Wars



Ifreet blocking Odin's Jet Striker.

It was first used by Odin against Ifreet in Episode 44, but it was easily blocked by Ifreet.

O-Legion's Jet Striker.

In W-Episode 51, it was used by O-Legion and managed to destroy an army of Vectors.

In W-Episode 58 it was used by Mizel O-Legion against Odin MK2 but is blocked by Achilles D9.


The transformable LBX charges up its entire body with energy for the attack while taking a large step back. While in mid-air, it transforms into flight mode charging straight towards the opponent LBX, evading any obstacle in its target path.

Function Sequence