Jenock Logo v2
Japanese ジェノック
Translation Jenock
Color Navy Blue
Representing Country Japan
Commander Reina Mito

Jenock (ジェノック Jenokku) is one of the 30 independent virtual nations in the Second World. It is the primary nation where Arata Sena and Class 2-5 are stationed.


Jenock is the virtual country that counterparts Japan in the real world.

Its Headquarters Base has 6 launching points, one for each platoon to launch its Craft Carrier for mission deploy. Mostof their military defenses consists of the DC Series and the Sirens.


Operations Participated

Mission Status
Operation Seize Oasis 3 COMPLETED
Escorting the Freight Train COMPLETED
Operation Destroy Gigant Wall FAILED
Operation Capture East End Bridge COMPLETED
Operation Capture Blackwind Canyon Camp COMPLETED
Operation Capture Angel Piece COMPLETED
Operation Capture Death Forest FAILED
Lab Defense Duty COMPLETED
Delivery Train Escort Mission COMPLETED


  • The nation's primary color is navy blue.


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