Japanese: イジテウス
Romanji: Ishideusu
Type Large Construction Bulldozer
Affiliation(s) Kamiya Craft, Innovator
Properties Crane Arms (x2)
Armored Drill
Camera Eye Laser
Operator(s) Heiji Kirishima
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 09
Status Inactive

Ishideus (イジテウス Ishideusu) is a gigantic multi-functional bulldozer located in Angel Star in the Danball Senki first season.


It first appears in Episode 09, where Heiji Kirishima pilots it while being tricked by Ban, Ami and Kazu were spies from Tiny Orbit.

While managing to overwhelm Achilles, Kunoichi and Hunter, it was eventually defeated by Achilles taking out the camera eye, thanks to the mysterious Pandora's intervene.

Game Strategy

  • Aim for the camera eye, while jumping behind the ledges to avoid incoming fire.
  • When it comes to the event that Achilles is on top of the hook crane, keep firing at the target while jumping to avoid the shockwaves.


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