Heita Yakabe
Heita yakabe
Media Info
Japanese 矢壁 塀太
Translation Heita Yakabe
Dub Name Miny
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 01
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Tooru Nara
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Former Black Division Agents
Eclipse Engineer
Affiliation(s) Innovator (defected)
LBX: Deqoo, Deqoo Kai

Heita Yakabe (矢壁 塀太) is one of Eiji Yagami's personal agents in the Danball Senki series.




Heita appeared in his masked persona with Shouko and Masashi chasing after Rina Ishimori after she stole the Platinum Capsule from the Innovator base. They tracked down the case to Ban Yamano's house and he sent his Deqoo with his fellow agents to attack and steal the capsule back. However, the young Yamano was able to eliminate his Deqoo first. He was reprimanded by Shouko for losing and retreated with his team.

In episode 3, he returns in the guise as a rare LBX seller to Kazuya Aoshima, offering multiple LBX to the boy. When Kazuya refuses, he describes and shows the boy LBX Egypt, the Black Intelligence division's new attempt to retrieve the Platinum Capsule. It hypnotize Kazuya to own it and desire to destroy Achilles. As Kazu walks away, Heita reveals himself in his mask, already completing phase one of the Black Division's new plan to retrieve the Platinum Capsule.

In episode 4, Heita, Shouko, and Masashi arrive at the Riverbank to witness the battle between Kazuya and Ban. When Kazuya's Egypt gain the upper hand and Achilles' LP reaches below 25% per, the three sliently cheer, excited that their mission will be complete. Unfortnately for him and his organization, Achilles automatically activates V Mode. He watches as Achilles easily oblierates Egypt, and the three retreat after realizing the mission was a failure. 

In episode 7, Heita, his fellow agents and Yagami meet with Tougorou Kiyama. During the meeting, all of the Innovators heard an alarm, shocked to see Ban Yamano and his friends in Angel Star. He and his agents request to battle and send their new LBX, his and Masashi's modeled Deqoo Kais and Shouko's Deqoo Ace, only for Kamiya to reply that their aren't necessary and are disappointed as a result.


  • All three of the agents resemble the three villain stooges in Yatterman, in slight similarity with height, appearance and personality.