Heiji Kirishima
Heiji kirishima
Media Info
Japanese 霧島 平治
Translation Heiji Kirishima
Dub Name Howard Campenelli
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 07
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Akimitsu Takase
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Former Asuka Workshop CEO
Tiny Orbit R&D Technician
Affiliation(s) Innovator (defected)

Heiji Kirishima (霧島 平治) is the inventor of the fortified cardboard before losing it and his assets to Tiny Orbit. He has then since joined the Innovators under Togurou Kamiya's tutelage in Danball Senki.




Heiji was the CEO of Aska Industries, a small company in the east of Misora city. With the company, he created the reinforced, corrugated cardboard for LBX that can absorb almost any impact. As a result, he helped revolutionzie the shipping industry virtually overnight. However, when Tiny Orbit purchased the rights to thefortified cardboard, Aska Industries fell into decline and eventually filed for bankruptcy. Yuusuke Uzaki attempted to reinstate Heiji and his workers, but the senior board of directors refused. After that day, Heiji swore vengeance upon Tiny Orbit.

He first appears in episode 7, manipulated by Togoru Kamiya into working for him. Kamiya reminds him of his past after Heiji overhears his co-workers teasing him for his overworking traits. After being told that Tiny Orbit sent Achilles to steal important data as a reuse to cover the location of Professor Yamano, he accepts after Kamiya promises to donate funds to restart Aska Industries. In episode 8, as Ban Yamano, Kazuya Aoshima, and Ami Kawamura arrive at the lowest floor, Kirishima arrives controlling a gigantic multi-functional construction bulldozer known as the "Steel Monster" Ishideus: complete with high sensing camera, Crane Arms, an Armored Drill, the laser installed in the camera. While the three's LBX evades him, eventually Kirishima is able to hit Achilles and knocks his controls lose. He aims Ishideus at Achilles, driving to destroy it and win back his company. In episode 9, he nearly destroys Achilles until an unexpected arrival by a white ninja like LBX: Pandora.

He returns in episode 37 where Kamiya visits him again in order to manipulate him into stealing the Platinum Capsule. Using his former Tiny Orbit access, he’s able to sneak in and take it for himself.