Haruka Oozora
Oozora haruka
Media Info
Japanese 大空 遥
Translation Oozora Haruka
Dub Name Haru Hughes
Game Debut Danball Senki W (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 31 (W)
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Aya Endou
Personal Info
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives Hiro Oozora (Son)
Occupation Next-Generation Technology Scientist
Affiliation(s) Omega Dain (defected)
LBX: Perseus (W - Call Battle)
Ikaros Force Custom (W - Ranking Battle Number 9)

Haruka Oozora (大空 遥) is Hiro Oozora's mother. She originally helps Omega Dain due to her preoccupative pride as a scientist, but eventually rejoins with her son.


Haruka had a blue hair that is slightly paler than Hiro that reaches her shoulder while being tied in a long ponytail. She wears a blue Munsell striped sweater, lab coat, brown long pants and black flat shoes. She usually wear a pair of spiral glasses at all times but usually when alone or when with Hiro, she removes it, revealing her dark brown eyes. One time occasionally during the anime, she removes it when playing the simulation game that Otacross created from using the data he hacked from the security camera.


Like her son, she can get distracted easily when becoming too focused on something.


Haruka appeared in Episode 31, as Omega Dain 's scientist. She realized what she is doing is wrong, so she joins NICS with her son. In the end, Haruka wishes to make up the lost time she didn't spend with Hiro so she decided to aid him in stopping Omega Dain.

During Mizel arc, she helps Professor Yamano to recover the AX-000 lost blueprints through Ikaros Zero after Ami, Ban, Kazu, Jin, Yagami and Professor Yamano retrieved it from Innovator's Research Facility.


  • In Dr Mummy's computer, there was a file with her name, meaning that Dr. Mummy has data about her.