Hakai-O Z
Model Info
Japanese: ハカイオー絶斗
Romaji: Hakaiou Zetto
Dub Name Destroyer Z
Game No.: 038
Frame Type: Brawler Framed LBX
LBX Type: New-Gen LBX
Brand Maker: Prometheus
Arnaments: Zetsu Haganjin Sword weapon icon
Owner: Hanzou Gouda
Affiliation/s: Seeker
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut: Episode 33
Appears in Game, Anime, LBX Plastic Models

Hakai-O Z (ハカイオー絶斗 Hakaiou Zetto) is Hanzou Gouda's second LBX model and the successor model of the Hakai-O series by Prometheus.



  • HEAD: 200
  • ARM: 500
  • BODY: 300 + 400
  • LEG: 200
  • WEAPON: 300
  • SHIELD: -


  • Zetsu Haganjin (絶・破岩刃): Hakai-O Z's primary sword weapon, which is a heavy sword with a chainsaw blade.

Attack Functions


  • Its Bandai Model was ranked 25th in the LBX Popularity Poll Ranking Special.

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