Hakai-O: Kirito Custom
LBXHakai-O(Kirito Custom)
Model Info
Japanese: ハカイオー:キリトカスタム
Dub Name Destroyer: Kurt Custom
Frame Type: Panzer Framed LBX
LBX Type: Personal Customized
Brand Maker: Prometheus (original brand)
Owner: Kirito Kazama
Affiliation/s: Omega Dain
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut: Episode 22 (W)
Appears in Anime only

'Hakai-O: Kirito Custom' (ハカイオー:キリトカスタム Hakaioo: Kirito Kasutamu) is Kirito Kazama's third customized LBX in Danball Senki W.


The parts formula to build this model are consists of: a standard Hakai-O head, Titan's arms, Hakai-O's torso and Titan's caterpillar legs.


Kirito used this LBX to fight against Liu Bei, Perseus, and Jeanne D in Brinton. Its attack, defense, and mobility are at its highest degree.

In episode twenty-two, Kirito uses Hakai-O against Jeanne D, Perseus, and Liu Bei to combat them. Despite the others commenting that Hakai-O is a strong but slow type, Kirito’s Hakai-O matches them blow for blow and knocks down Jeanne before finishing Jessica’s LBX off with  Kousokuken Issen. Then as Hiro tries to activate Strike Mode for Perseus, Hakai-O defeated him as well, leaving Yuuya and Liu Bei to fight him. In episode twenty-three, Kirito has Hakai-O Custom attack Liu Bei and manages to chop off Liu Bei’s shield as it block most of Hakai-O Custom's attacks. However, Kirito has Hakai-O Custom jump in the air, when to his shock, Yuuya figures out the LBX’s weakness: while Hakai-O is fast, it can’t move like his other LBX in the air. Yuuya launches a surprise attack with Liu Bei's finisher, White Tiger Slash to knock out Hakai-O Custom.


  • Titan Arms (タイタンアーム)

Attack Function

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