Gunther Yzelphar
Gunther Yzelphar
Model Info
Japanese: ガウンタ・イゼルファー
Romaji: Gaunta Izerufā
Frame Type: Brawler Frame
Arnaments: Belial Sword
Belial Edge
Belial Rifle
Gigant Shield
Owner: Muraku Houjou
Affiliation/s: Rossius Union
Game Debut: Danball Senki Wars
Anime Debut: Episode 03 (Wars)
Appears in Anime, Game, Bandai Plastic Models

Gunther Yzelphar (ガウンタ・イゼルファー Gaunta Izerufā) is Muraku Houjou's LBX introduced in Danball Senki Wars series.


Under its owner, Muraku Houjou's control and leadership, the Gunther Yzelphar's reputation has led it to be revered under the nickname, Violet Devil for its numerous victories.

Its strength, speed and military tactics brought its home virtual country, Rossius Union glorious standards for its victories in missions and simultaneously annexing other virtual countries. But when Arata Sena came along, it was the first time both LBX and its owner faced a sparkling rivalry. Ultimately in the latter at episode 15, it was finally defeated by the hands of Dot Phasor's new Dot Gattling Gun.


Attack Function


  • Following Jin Kaidou, it is the second rival LBX to be introduced centered around its nickname and incredible victory record.
  • Following above, its record gets broken after its defeat from the main protagonist as the story progresses.
  • It is revealed in episode 26 that Gunther Yzelphar was created and customized by Kageto Kiba just for Muraku Houjou.
  • The Belial Edge was stolen by Charlotte Rain, who stole it from Wataru Kenbishi. It was later recovered when Muraku Houjou defeated Charlotte.

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