Ginji Shikano
Shikano kinji
Media Info
Japanese 鹿野ギンジ
Translation Shikano Ginji
Dub Name Benji Darby
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 02
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Nobuyuki Kobushi
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Occupation Student, LBX Player
Affiliation(s) Seeker
LBX: Mad Dog

Ginji Shikano is a member of Gouda's gang.


In episode 2, he appears alongside the rest of Hanzou Gouda's gang as they leave from Kitijama's shop. Later on, he spots Ban Yamano, Ami Kawamura, and Ryuu Daikouji asking Mika Mikage for his leader's whereabouts. He smiles, and follows them into the slums behind Misora Junior High. As the three are intercepted by his fellow members, Ginji shows up behind them, explaining that he informed them about their arrival. However, he is relucant to participate in the Devas poses, considerably regretting it after seeing the reactions of his opponents.

He warns the three to leave. After Tetsuo is defeated, he mocks his teammate and decides to send Mad Dog, targeting AX-00. As he sweeps in for the finishing blow, a Warrior blocks him with his shield. He hides in the camofluage, but Kaz uses a magnetic bomb to reveal him. Kinji only watches as his LBX is destroyed by AX-00. After the battle ends, he, Tetsuo and Riko retreated to Hanzou’s hideout.

In episode 25, Kinji battles Tetsuo at their hideout in order to improve their skills for battling the Innovators. However, when Tetsuo’s Nazu gains the upper hand on his Mad Dos and taunts him, Kinji becomes instantly annoyed and comically fights him off.