Model Info
Japanese: ジェネラル
Game No.: 026, 100
Frame Type: Brawler Framed LBX
LBX Type: Deqoo-type
Brand Maker: Kamiya Craft
Arnaments: Archer Rifle Rifle weapon icon
Owner: Eiji Yagami
Affiliation/s: Innovator (defected)
Seeker, NICS
Game Debut: Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut: Episode 38
Appears in Game, Anime, Bandai Plastic Models

General (ジェネラル Jenerarru) is Eiji Yagami's personal LBX developed by Kamiya Craft in the Danball Senki series.


After Eiji escaped from the Innovator following his and their ongoing betrayal, the Red Military unit sends out their LBX against him. Eiji send out General to battle them before fleeing.

In the games, he allies with Jin Kaidou to escape, and General acts a support to Proto-Zenon while escaping from the forces of the Innovators.


  • Archer Rifle (アーチャーライフル)


  • Its Bandai Model was ranked 40th in the LBX Popularity Poll Ranking Special.
  • LBX General got delayed to being released with the W toyline despite getting a couple of scenes in season 1 and the first game.

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