Media Info
Japanese ガトー
Translation Gatou
Dub Name Gravedigger
Nickname(s) 首狩りガトー (Gatou the Decapitator)
Game Debut Danball Senki (PSP)
Anime Debut Episode 11
Appears in Game, Anime
Voice Actor Kenta Miyake
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation LBX Player
LBX: Buld Kai
Achievement(s) 2050 Angra Visdas Competitor

Gatou the Decapitator (首狩り(くびかり)ガトー Kubikari no Gatou) is an underground LBX player who competed in the 2050 Angra Visdas in the Danball Senki.


He is shown to be an enormous, muscular, seemingly fat LBX player. He wears a sleeveless jacket, and has red hair and a small red beard.


He is known to cut off the head of the LBXs he defeats, and collect them, earning the name 'Headhunter Gatou' or 'Gatou the Decapitator'. He is quite brutal while attacking, and does not mind hacking off parts of his opponent's LBX, as shown when he hacks off Achilles' attacking arm. He also does not mind using usually illegal items like stun grenades (used in the Underground Viscidus tournament) or adding gunpower with his axe.


He first appeared in Episode 11 when it was revealed that Gatou was the first opponent against Ban Yamano in the Angra Visdas tournament. He begins the match with Buld Kai firing a barrage of missiles at Achilles but his opponent continues to dodge much to his frustration. Eventually Ban stops running and Achilles charges at his LBX. He tries to fire more missiles, but Achilles manages to strike Buld Kai on the neck joints and lowering his LBX's health. However, Gatou uses a Stun Grenade hidden in Buld Kai to paralyze Achilles. Since the Underground Viscidous has no rules, he is still allow to compete and switches out his launcher for a Great Axe. While Ban tries to use Achilles' shield as defense, the gunpowder hidden in the axe overcomes it and knocks Achilles down. Gatou proceeds to hack at Achilles' right arm. At the end, Gatou lost with his Buld Kai but he succeeded in breaking Achilles' left arm.