The 'Fire Sweets Team' (ファイヤースウィーツ隊 Faiyaa Suweetsu Tai) is Nation-A's official LBX SWAT Team to combat LBX terrorism. They are commanded by their squad captain, First Lieutenant Jack Gelato, and followed directly under President Claudia Renneton's orders.


Danball Senki W

They first appeared as Nation-A's experimental LBX squad for Vice-President Alfedo Gardyne, training their LBX techniques at the National Defense HQ using mortal combat sparring methods.

After Fardyne's arrest, the squad was then restationed as Nation-A's line of defense against the mysterious enemy, Mizel.


  • They are seperated into common code teams: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, etc.
  • All the squadron's CCMs are the same type as Eiji Yagami, Otacross and Ota Red.

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