Life-or-Death struggle in the Mines!
Name in Japanese 鉱山の死活の闘争!
Release Date 16th January,2013
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Opening Telepathy
Ending Chikyuu no Kizuna

Life-or-Death Struggle in the Mines! (鉱山の死活の闘争!) is the forty-ninth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 16th January 2013.


Everyone learn that Crystar Ingram and Prometheus were attacked and conquered by Vector, much to their shock. Mongoose then come in, much to Cobra's chagrin and they started quarreling but it was revealed that Professor Yamano called him, much to Cobra's disappointment.

Professor Yamano then told everyone about his worry that the core box for AX-000 would not last if they used the standard since it uses Eternal Cycler to keep up with its energy need. Professor Oozora suggest Stanfiel Ingot, a type of rare metal that can resist heat and then Rina told them that there are none in market. The metal was produced in a refinery in China and that there is trouble there lately.

Ban, Hiro, Ran, Asuka and Cobra went to China via Duck Shuttle while the rest went to Country A as another trouble had occur. At China, the manager for keep urging his workers to go get Stanfiel Ingot despite the risk are too high, much to the workers chagrin as escaping took all they had. Ban and his team made a deal with the manager to get the rare metals in exchange for getting some of them. Ban and his team managed to get them by defeating the Vector in a D-Egg battle field but they had to destroy the tunnel to prevent the second Vector from pursuing after them.

The workers were impressed with the team's effort and Cobra requested to take a share of the rare metals. However, the manager refused to hand in some Stanfiel Ingots since Ban and his team gave no official document to take them and demand compensation for destroying the tunnel. Could no longer bear with their manager's playing dirty, the workers stand and voiced out their disagreement, threatening as to throw their manager into the furnace.The manager eventually gives up and hand in some of the Ingots to Ban and his team.

Major Events

  • Vector attacked LBX makers, Prometheus and Crytar Ingram and presumably others as well to get LBX Data to enhance Vector.
  • AX-000 needs its core box to be made of different material to withstand the heat from Eternal Cycler. Stanfiel Ingot meet the requirement for it.
  • Ban, Hiro, Ran, Asuka and Cobra went to China to get Stanfiel Ingot
  • Jin, Kazu, Ami, Yuuya, and Jessica went to Country A to save the country's communication center.
  • Otacross returns to Japan to assist with AX-000 development.

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