Sure Kill! The Luminus Shooter
Name in Japanese 必殺 ルミナスシューター
Release Date 9th January,2013
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Telepathy
Ending Chikyuu no Kizuna

Sure Kill! The Luminus Shooter (必殺 ルミナスシューター) is the forty-eighth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 9th January 2013.


Vector hacked through the security system, ghostjacking all the LBXs inside and attempt to access the LBX data from the operation room. Takuya resorted to cutting off the power for the whole building to prevent further hacking and protect the company's data. Ban, Kazu, Ami and Jin went to Tiny Orbit to save Takuya, Yuuki, Rina and Sae that were confined. Ban and Ami save Rina while Jin and Kazu save Yuuki before all of them went to save Takuya and Sae. However, LBX Odin in maintainance was ghostjacked by Vector and intercepted them. The team uses D-egg to battle it safely. However, Odin was proved to powerful for the four and Ban's Ikaros Zero was quickly defeated because it was heavily damaged from being stepped by Vector Controlled Killer Droid Pegasus during the battle in Innovator Research Facility before and the repair was incomplete. Having no other way, Yuuki passes the Luminous Shooter to Kazu, who uses it to snipe at Odin but missed at first and learn that the flaw of the weapon was 30 seconds recharge. Ami and Jin manages to hold out Odin as Kazu recovered before finishing off Odin, crushing it to bits. The team rescues Takuya and Sae and Takuya decided to transfer Seeker Base back to Tiny Orbit.

Major Events


  • This is the first episode Hiro, Ran, Jessica, Asuka, Kirito and Yuuya, and Cobra did not make any brief appearance at all (Minus OP and ED). It is unknown what they are doing during Tiny Orbit's retrieval mission.