The Boy With Shining Eyes
Name in Japanese 光る目の少年
Release Date November 28th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening 2 Spirits
Ending Umare Kawatte mo Boku de Iiyo

The Boy With Shining Eyes (光る目の少年) is the forty-fourth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 28th November 2012.


It's been weeks since the Paradise satellite was destroyed, and LBXs are back to being a child's life and hobby. However, a mysterious youth arrives in N City and starts a rebellion using his LBX Vector. The NICS team are called in to assess the situation. In the chaos, Ban, Hiro and Ran follow the black LBX to a subway tunnel. After receiving contact from Vector, Ran's Minerva Kai goes berserk and starts attacking Ikaros Zero and Ikaros Force until Kirito uses Fenrir Flare to render Minerva Kai break over. Later, the mysterious youth appears and introduces himself to be Mizell. 

Major Events

  • Mizel made his first appearence.
  • Paradise was successfully destroyed.
  • Ban, Hiro and Ran were shown as guests at the LBX tournament going on at 3rd Street's shopping mall.
  • Kazuya, Ami and Asuka were participating in a special lecture on LBXs at the assembly stage at 15th Street's park.
  • Jin, Yuuya and Jessica were being interviewed for a special program at the TV station.
  • LBXs started to rampage again in N City.