The Great Battle in the Sky
Name in Japanese 大空の大決戦
Release Date January 4th, 2012
Production Staff
Script Kenichi Yamada
Storyboard Susumu Endō
Episode Director Susumu Endō
Animation Director Toshiaki Ōhashi
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode 42
Next Episode 44
Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

The Great Battle in the Sky (大空の大決戦) is the forty-third episode of Danball Senki anime.


Lucifer uses his finisher on Odin and Zenon in Seraphic mode and begins to celebrate his victory. When the smoke clears neither Odin nor Zenon have been harmed. Ban uses Gungnir and Jin uses Break Gazer in their powered up modes to finish off Lucifer and cause Kousuke to collapse.

Before their LBX's can go any further Lex raises a plasma field to block of fthe sparkbload signals. Eclipse launches an anchor into Saturn and the Seekers infiltrate Saturn with two missions: 1) regain their LBX's and 2) shut down Saturn. Only two places can have the route changed: the control room and the cockpit. Professor Yamano and Yagami's subordinates head toward the control room while Yagami holds off Innovator LBX's. Ban and Jin head for the cockpit. Along the way Gouda, Daiki, Kazu, and Ami recover their LBX's, but they are forced to stay behind to help eliminate Innovator LBX's.

After regaining Odin and Zenon, Ban and Jin arrive in the sat room where the plasma field is being raised.

Jin powers down the satellites just before android Yoshimitsu returns. He challenges Jin to a battle, and Jin accepts while sending Ban ahead to deal with Lex. Jin sends the camera signal to Professor Yamano allowing him to show the battle to the entire ship. Yoshimitsu easily handles Zenon until he cuts off his left arm. The loss of the left arm throws Zenon's weight off kilter and allows Zenon to begin dodging attacks.

Zenon once again enters Alternative Mode, causing Yoshimitsu to start short circuiting. Jin unveils the final finisher for Zenon, Omega Explosion, and destroys Gekkomaru and Yoshimitsu. Seeing that Yoshimitsu is an android the Innovators recheck Saturns coordinates and learn the plane is headed for N-City. The Innovators stop battling and surrender. Meanwhile Ban arrives at the cockpit and finds Lex waiting so they can have the final battle. 

Major Events

  • Jin and Ban defeated Kousuke's LBX Lucifer.
  • Jin Kaidou battled against Yoshimitsu Kaidou and won.
  • The remaining Innovators were exposed to the truth of the Kaidou android and subsquently surrender upon realizing Saturn was heading to N City.

Attack Function/Special Mode Used

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