Exposed Ambition
Name in Japanese 暴かれた陰謀
Release Date December 7th, 2011
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Exposed Ambition (暴かれた陰謀) is the fortieth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It is aired on 7th December, 2011.


Kousuke watched Ban and Jin from the control room and opens and closes doors that will lead them to the others. Jin realizes they are being led into a trap but feels there is no choice but to continue. Ban and Jin make it to the control room where they see the acorns being made. Jin realizes they could be a weapon that is run by the eternal cycler.

Kousuke arrives and promises to let them go if Ban and Jin can beat him in a battle. Odin and Zenon are sent out to battle Lucifer, but Lucifer has incredible speed. Ban is eventually able to analyze Kousuke's speed and jabs Lucifer in the side. Before Kousuke can retaliate his father contacts him and says it is time to go. Kousuke returns the groups CCM's and provides an escape route. Before they leave Jin asks what the acorns are for, and Kousuke reveals they are miniature megaton bombs.

The groups escape route ends up being the trash line, but they are able to make it outside. Good news awaits them as Takuya reveals that Zaizen has agreed to postpone the Earth Crust project. The good news is short lived as Lex sends Ban the data on the Innovators target. The Innovators plan to destroy the worlds energy at the Tyrant Press Energy Plant. Mano is able to track down the Innovators research base only to learn they have a missile that is being loaded with Fairy BX's, LBX's with artificial intelligence. Each Fairy has an acorn at their core, and the group only has 21 hours to stop them.