The Ultimate Power, Zeus
Name in Japanese 究極の力、ゼウス
Release Date October 24th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening 2 Spirits
Ending Umare Kawatte mo Boku de Iiyo

The Ultimate Power, Zeus (究極の力、ゼウス) is the thirty-nineth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation.It aired on 24th October 2012.


Ota X finds a way for the other teams to get out, while Ban and his team have a confrontation with Gardyne. He relates a story of how his father was wrongly accused of corruption, and his career destroyed. Alfeld's father died without realizing his dreams of a blissful future, devoid of corruption. He knew that his father's lack of power was what killed him from the diary that Alferdo found. Therefore, he used all his power when he launched Operation Paradise.

Lex then challenges Team Jin and Team Yuuya to a Killer Droid each. Gardyne meanwhile challenges Ban, Hiro and Ran to a battle against Zeus, the LBX with perfect brain. All teams had their share of trouble, and the teams handling the Killer Droids were on the verge of defeat. Those teams manages to defeat Dr. Mummy's Killer Droids with their finishers but were rendered unable to assist Ban, Hiro and Ran any further because their LBXs have all break over.

Adam and Eve suddenly finish their energy reload and lock onto their target, NICS. Gardyne orders Mummy to fire the laser, but he refuses. He binds them with a special gun of his, then reveals himself to be Mami Hiyama, Lex's little sister. Ban remembers Lex's final words about humans not being gods or beasts.

Mami then continues Lex's dream. She then temporarily stuns Gardyne and Bishop. Using Lex's CCM and Zeus, she challenges Ban and the others.


Hissatsu Functions Used


  • From this episode, it is confirmed that Dr. Mummy was not Lex, meaning he really died in Saturn's explosion in Episode 44.