To Our Future
Wars 37 HQ
Name in Japanese 俺たちの未来へ
Release Date 25th December, 2013
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Theme Songs
Opening Eternal
Ending Hirameki

To Our Future (俺たちの未来へ Oretachi no mirai he) is thirty-seventh and final episode of the Danball Senki Wars anime adaptation. It was aired on 25th December, 2013.

Major events


  • This is the last episode of Danball Senki Wars, complying to be the last episode of the Danball Senki anime series.
  • An instrumental version of Bokutachi no Wars was used as the insert song for the last part of the episode.
  • The ending for this episode Hirameki, shows all of the protagonists' LBX and chroniclizing the events the from all 3 seasons.