The Threatening LBX, Proto I
Proto I 001
Name in Japanese 脅威のLBX プロト・I
Release Date September 19th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening 2 Spirits
Ending Umare Kawatte mo Boku de Iiyo

The Threatening LBX, Proto I (脅威のLBX プロト・I) is the thirty-fifth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It was aired on 19th September 2012.


Proto I proves to be too strong for Ban, Hiro, and Ran to handle. However Professor Yamano notices Proto I still has a problem with overheating. Ban proposes the merge to form Sigma Orbis, but Professor Yamano tells him to wait as merging has time limit and they should do so when they have only around 10% power remaining. If they can cause Proto I to overheat, they have a chance of beating him with Sigma Orbis. Minerva gets severely damaged and rendered immobile, so Ban and Hiro use Elysion and Perseus to distract Proto I until it's time to merge. With only 10% power remaining, the group merges into Sigma Orbis, to the surprise of Gelato. Despite combining, they did not attack and lets Gelato attacked them as they defend. With roughly only 5% power remaining Proto I finally overheats and Sigma Orbis is able to beat him. The group shows Jack Gelato proof of the President and Secretary Kaios having been brought in, and he decides to help the group. Jack tries to enter the passcode to access the command center, but it has been changed, and the President and Secretary Kaios are trapped inside. Alfeld, Doctor Mummy, and Bishop are seen boarding the space shuttle at the base as they were unable to gain the needed pass code, but they seem unfazed. Kirito was shown to be secretly boarding the space shuttle as well. Ban and company use Sigma Orbis's finisher to open the door, and Secretary Kaios and the President escape with only 5 seconds to spare before the command center explodes. The group races to the shuttle's control room and the shuttle's launch pad as two different teams to try and stop the launch. Professor Yamano is able to hack part of the ship's system and tries to dump the fuel, but instead the Command Center's computers suddenly all powered down. The ship launches as Alfeld heads toward space. Secretary Kaios then announces they will return to NICS immediately and remodel the Duck Shuttle so the kids can pursue them into space and stop Paradise permanently. 

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