Shock, The Sun God Apollo Kaiser
Name in Japanese 衝撃 太陽神アポロカイザー
Release Date November 2nd, 2011
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Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Shock, The Sun God Apollo Kaiser (衝撃 太陽神アポロカイザー) is the thirty-fifth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It was aired on 2nd November 2011.


After a brief time to repair their LBX's Team Ban faces off with Team Maa, the reigning king of Akihabra. Maa has hit LBX Apollo Kaiser sit back and watch while two members of the Hacker Corps, using Claymid's, battle with Ban's team. The field is an ice field, so it takes some time for Hakai-O Z and Nightmare to adjust to it. Eventually Hakai-O Z and Nightmare throw their opponent's Claymid's into each other and severely damage them with their finishers. Maa decides to intervene and uses his finisher, God Speed Sword, to eliminate his teammates LBX's while damaging all of Team Ban's LBX's. Before God Speed Sword hits Ban has Odin run in and try to deflect the rays associated with the attack, but it costs Odin his left arm. After a second God Speed Sword hits Daiki is able to throw Nightmare's scythe at Apollo Kaiser and hit it. Ban realizes that Apollo Kaiser powers down for a few minutes after using his finisher, and it allows Ban to formulate a plan. Team Ban has their LBX's rush at Apollo Kaiser, with Nightmare and Hakai-O Z serving as shields. he two LBX's are able to shield Odin and allow Odin to use Gungnir when Apollo Kaiser powers down. Ban becomes the reigning king of Akihabara with the win. Afterwards Gouda officially releases Daiki from being his minion, and the Hacker Corps uses their thousands, if not millions, of members around Akihabara to search the Infinty Net for the Metanus GX fragments. They are able to gather 99% of the data, but the remaining 1% of the data is stuck in a net storm. If the data touches the storm at all it will be deleted. Seeing no other choice Yamaneko uses Otacross's virtual scanner to scan his LBX. He then creates a mini storm around his LBX, causing his LBX to be absorbed by the larger storm. Once Red Ribbon is inside he grabs the data and uses his blasters to create a hole in the storm. With the hole created he is able to throw out the data, and Ban and his friends are able to gain the decipher key for the Platinum Capsule. 

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