Infiltrate the National Defense Headquarters
Proto I
Name in Japanese 潜入、国防基地
Release Date September 12th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

Infiltrate the National Defense Headquarters (潜入、国防基地) is the thirty-fourth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 12th September 2012.


After landing, the groups divides into 3 teams to infiltrate the Defense Base. Team 1 is Jessica, Asuka, Yuuya, and Takuya. Team 2 id Ban, Hiro, Ran, and Professor Yamano. Team 3 consists of Jin, Ami, Kazuya, and Cobra. While the groups make their way up three canyons to sneak into the base, Otacross and Professor Ozora find the best infiltration route for the base using a video game simulation. Words reaches the Defense Base that one platoon of their LBX's has been eliminated, so they send an army of LBX's down the canyon to try and slow everyone down.

As they continue, Jessica's team take a short break as requested by Asuka. Meanwhile, Otacross fail in his playing and Professor Oozora takes over and successfully finds a way through the case to the command center and before they sends the data to the teams. Jessica's team and Jin's team are then spotted by the defense LBX's and were forced to fight their way through.

Ban, Hiro, Ran, and Professor Yamano spot the defense LBX's before they are spotted and hide behind a rock where they would not be seen. The defense LBX's give up on them. Professor Yamano spots a side canyon trail that will take them to the same location without getting caught, so Ban and company go up that trail.

Ban sends Elysion in to deactivate the fans, and then the team begins sneaking through the base. All is going well until Hiro trips by the cables in the hangar and causes some noise. Groups of guards were aware of their presence and come rushing to capture them, but the other two teams arrive and cause a distraction, allowing Ban and his team to make it to the command center's entryway.

As they arrive at the entryway they are intercepted by Lt. Jack Gelato, leader of the Fire Sweets LBX squad. He uses one of Professor Yamano's original creations, Proto I to engage the guys in a D-egg battle. Proto I has amazing speed and a special mechanism known as the High-Dimensional Multiple Joint System that lets it flip when it gets attacked from both sides.