Gouda VS. Sendou
Name in Japanese 郷田VS仙道
Release Date October 19th, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Gouda VS. Sendou (郷田VS仙道) is the thirty-third episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It is aired on 19th October 2011.


Ban gets introduced to Yamaneko and the Hacker Corps. Ban asks them if they'll help them during a mission, but Yamaneko refuses unless Ban can become King of Akihabara. Gouda and Daiki's tensions with each other continue to escalate, so Ban sends them out together during the semifinals. Gouda tells Daiki if he does not like battling with him to just sit on the side. Both Gouda and Daiki debut their new LBX's during the semi's, Hakai-O Z and Nightmare. Yamananeko and one of the other Hacker Corp battlers counter with Red Ribbon and Green Ribbon. The battle begins and Hakai-O Z gets bombarded from both sides. Daiki refuses to move until the Hacker Corps decide to target him, but Nightmare's speed proves to be too much for the Hacker Corps. The two decide to leave Nightmare alone and go back to targeting Gouda and Hakai-O Z, but Daiki decides to intervene this time and stop the front-behind double team. The two use their finishers, Super Gaou Cannon and Death Scythe Hurricane, to defeat the Hacker Corps and advance Team ban to the finals. Before the other semi can begin OtaYellow once again confesses his love for Ami, but Ami ignores him and gives him the cold shoulder. Meanwhile Jin's cold attitude causes OtaPink to fall for him. The second semifinal features OtaBlack and OtaPink vs. Jin and Kazu. While OtaBlack and OtaPink have their Bibinbird's performing the Ota poses Jin uses his Break Gazer finisher to destroy OtaBlack. When OtaPink begins to rush Jin Kazu uses Fenrir's Hawk Eye Drive to finish off her Bibinbird and make the final Team Ban vs. Team Jin. 

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