The Fort Upon the Sea
Dansen W Episode 31 Main Pic HQ
Name in Japanese 海に浮かぶ要塞
Release Date August 22nd, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Fort Upon the Sea (海に浮かぶ要塞)is the thirty-first episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It aired on 22nd August 2012.


The attack on Future Hope begins with a battle in the skies. The automated enemy LBX's prove to not have the skills needed to stop the kids LBX's. Ran and Asuka simultaneously land on Future Hope and get attacked by ground LBX's that have been hiding. Ami makes the save. The boys and Jessica finish off the air LBX's and then join the other three in defeating the ground LBX's. Duck Shuttle lands on Future Hope, and the groups decide to divide into two teams. Professor Yamano will lead Ban, Kazuya, and all the girls except Jessica to what they believe is the control room while Cobra will lead Hiro, Jin, Yuuya, and Jessica to a second room that has high computer readings coming from it. At the center of the ship, the teams get ambushed in a missile room. Asuka, Jessica, and Ran stay behind to take out the new enemy LBX's while Ban, Kazuya, and Ami head up with his father toward the control room. Cobra leads Hiro, Jin, and Yuuya to the second room where they find Hiro's mom, Professor Haruka Ozora programming a new supercomputer called Adam and Eve. Hiro criticizes his mom for getting too caught up in her work and ignoring all the terrorist activities Omegadain has done. She informs them the only way to shut down Future Hope is in the control room. Doctor Mummy watches the groups' progress from the control room and tells everyone to evacuate the ship after putting it in lockdown. Professor Ozora has Adam and Eve access Omegadain's hidden files and reads what activities they have truly been performing. She decides to leave Omegadain after shutting down Adam and Eve, but first she will help the group destroy Future Hope. Professor Yamano, Ban, Ami, and Kazuya make it to the control room where Doctor Mummy greets them. Ban recognizes that Doctor Mummy is covered in bandages and has the same hair color that Lex did. As the episode ends, Ban asks Doctor Mummy if he is Lex in disguise. 



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