Aim For Akihabara Kingdom
Name in Japanese 目指せ アキハバラキングダム
Release Date September 28th, 2011
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Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Aim For Akihabara Kingdom (目指せ アキハバラキングダム) is the thirty-third episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It is aired on 28th September 2011.


Otacross reveals the only way to recover the data now is to gather together all the hackers of Akihabara. The only way to do that is to win the Akiharabar Kingdom title. Otacross reveals the current champion is a man known only as Master King, but every time he hears the name he starts to throw a temper tantrum saying that Master King cheated to gain the title. Otacross reveals the tournament will take place in one week and everyone should train until then. The team divides into sets of two, thinking it is a man-to-man tournament. Gouda trains with Daiki, Kazu trains with Ami, and Ban trains with Jin. During their first training battle Jin reveals that Yuuya has come out of his coma but he is having to go through rehab for the rest of his body. Jin and Ban reveal to each other how they first came to love and use LBX's, and Jin agrees to help the group win Akihabara Tournament. Over at Kitajima's Saki-san learns the kids are training for the tournament and seems eager to tell them something, but Kitajima cuts her off every time she gets close to revealing it. At the hospital Rina has returned to her sisters side. Yagami has agreed to be the culprit for Yoshimitsu's supposed death, but Rina is shocked when she sees Yoshimitsu is still alive and walking on the tv. Finally the day of the tournament arrives. Before the tourney can begin Yuusuke arrives at Akihabara Tower. He reveals that Tiny Orbit is the sponsor for Akihabara Kingdom and he reveals that Otacross saved Fenrir's data. With Fenrir's data saved they were able to produce Fenrir's armor frame, which Kazu gladly equips. Yuusuke leaves and Otacross reveals that Akihabara is a team battle, and that the teams will be Ban, Gouda, and Daiki as well as Jin, Kazu, and Ami. Kazu begins to protest saying they should be able to decide their own teams, btu he is overruled when Otacross reveals he has already registered these teams. On the way to the tourney the group runs into the Kitajima's, and Saki finally reveals she will be one of the participants in Akihabara's tourney. She also reveals she is actually a stronger battler than her husband, but it comes with some side quirks that none of them know about yet except her husband. 

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