Break Through! The God Gate
Name in Japanese 突入 ゴッドゲート
Release Date September 21st, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Break Through! The God Gate (突入 ゴッドゲート) is the thirtieth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on 21st September 2011.


After Otacross's LBX's fuse, they also see their strength and defensive capabilities increase. Hunter backs up and gets a few long range shots off. One of them hits Grand RX's chest, but it appears to bounce right off. Just as it appears our heroes are about to have their LBX's destroyed by Otacross, Grand RX shuts down. Hunter's long range shot may not have penetrated the armor, but it caused Grand RX to overheat giving them the win by default, Otacross keeps his word and agrees to help them hack into God Gate. In order to do so two LBX's must be scanned and sent in to fight any virtual LBX's that might stand in the way. After a conference Ban's Achilles and Kazu's Hunter are sent in. Otacross has no problem penetrating the many layers of God's Gate. When they reach the final stage they encounter the virtual Innovators LBX. Achilles and Hunter are overpowered with ease, and Otacross's avatar is in danger of being destroyed.

Just them Professor Yamano's voice is heard and a new virtual LBX appears. Professor Yamano has hid Hunter's successor, Fenrir, inside God's Gate. Fenrir's data is downloaded into Hunter and he fully materializes. Fenrir has more power and can excel at hand-to-hand combat as well as long range shots, thus fully utilizing all of Kazu's skills. With Fenrir and Odin on the scene the Innovators LBX gets overwhelmed. Otacross begins to download the data to Metanus GX, but the Innovators white team takes drastic action and deletes all the files, scattering them across the web. 

Major Events

  • The Innovators sent out their virtual guardian of God's Gate: Hades to combat Hunter and Odin.
  • Professor Yamano was revealed to have created Fenrir exclusively for Kazu to assist Ban in fighting the Innovators as Hunter's evolution and hid Fenrir's data in the God Gate.



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