Clash: Muraku VS Kyouji
Wars 28 HQ
Name in Japanese 激突 ムラクVSキョウジ
Release Date 23rd October, 2013
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Eternal
Ending Bokutachi no Wars

Clash: Muraku VS Kyouji (激突 ムラクVSキョウジ) is the twenty-eighth episode of the Danball Senki Wars anime adaptation. It was aired on 23rd October, 2013.

Major events

  • Bandit attacked the Rossius Union's headquarters at Rose City.
    • The Rossius Union was almost eliminated as Bandit took their control point, though they had moved their headquarters.
  • Jenock got ordered by Reina Mito to assist Rossius.
    • However, when they arrived by Rose City, the city was captured already by Ezeldarm and weren't able to help Rossius.
  • Bandit made all of Rossius LBX LOST there except for the Sixth Platoon, and Andrei Gregory.
  • Bandit now has 2 Parasite Keys.
  • Josephine Daimon attempted to fire Seredy Kreisler, but Seredy blackmails him into keeping him at his job.
  • Arata Sena went to Muraku Houjou to talk to him, but Muraku declined.
  • Arata figured out that Bandit's identity is Kyouji Itan and his nation, Ezeldarm.
  • All the LOST students, including Wataru, departed away from the island with the Sixth Platoon and Andrei watching.
  • The Sixth Platoon transferred to Jenock.