Odin's Sortie
Name in Japanese オーディーン出撃
Release Date September 7th, 2011
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Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Odin's Sortie (オーディーン出撃)is the twenty-eighth episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation.It aired on 7th September 2011.

Plot Summary

As the train barrels towards Tiny Orbit the group learns two trains in the station are unable to start. If the train cannot be stopped, nearly 7,000 people will be affected by the wreckage. The Innovators red team hides in three locations nearby waiting to infiltrate Tiny Orbit after the wreck. Seeing no other choice, Ban asks if using Odin and the Sparkbload together might work to stop the wreck. Odin launches and infiltrates the train with roughly 20 km until impact. When he arrives in car 1 he sees that the LBX General Commander is controlling the train. Odin and General Commander fight, but Ban has a hard time using Odin's control functions because he is so much more advanced than Achilles. Seeing no other choice Ban runs headlong at General Commander and stuns him, allowing Odin to use his Gungnir finisher. General Commander is defeated, and Odin activates the brakes, However the brakes fail to engage. Yuusuke contacts the linear command and learns of a second way to stop the train. Ban destroys the trains control panel, causing the train to crash into the tracks and friction to slow it down. The actions appear to have taken place two late though as the train still has too much speed and will crash into Tiny Orbit. As things look their most grim Jin arrives and contacts them with the message, "Let me finish the rest." Jin launches Proto Zenon and uses his rocket thrusters to create a reverse draft. the train is stopped with 1m left until impact. Afterwards Jin reveals he has turned against his grandfather. he manages to convince the group and is welcomed to the Seekers. After Jin leaves Ban's LBX is brought back to him. A message is hidden inside Odin. It's none other than Professor Yamano. He reveals the contents in Metanus GX can still be recovered by the group if they can hack into the world's most protected computer system. The group is disappointed when they learn even a team of hackers failed to do so, but Yuusuke reveals there is one man who could succeed, the legendary hacker Otacross.

Major Events

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