The Important LBX
Liu Bei preparing to strike
Name in Japanese 大切なもの LBX
Release Date July 18th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Important LBX (大切なもの LBX) is the twenty-seventh episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptaton. It aired on 18th July 2012.


Otacross transforms into Master Ota to begin the final battle. Team Ota changes up their LBX's and break out Perfect ZX3 and Perfect ZX4.

The two use overwhelming synchronization to overwhelm Liu Bei, but Shirley comes out and makes Alice realize what she's always lacked is boldness. Alice decides to be bold and has her Gray Maid take on Perfect ZX4 1-on-1. Otared is surprised by the confidence and speed Alice shows, but is even more shocked when Alice manages to break over Perfect ZX4.

Otacross fights Yuuya with everything he has, but Yuuya realizes what his love is since he never had a real childhood. Liu Bei gains a boost of speed and confidence, and the Revenge Corps from Hell move onto the final. Otacross acts out a quick death scene that makes everyone in the audience cry until he gets a phone call saying one of his disciples has found the perfect customizing parts for his first LBX Sakura. The finals begin.

Yuuya once again comes out in a new cosplay, this time as his own LBX - Liu Bei. The new confidence Alice has gained allows them to go 1-on-1 with Shirley and Hiro, and when Shirley's Kunoichi and Hiro's Perseus crash, Yuuya is able to finish them off with his White Tiger finisher. Yuuya and Alice are named champions.

As the kids leave, they get a call from Otacross about an LBX rebellion that has just started in Campbellen, Australia, and they must leave to stop it ASAP. 

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