Awaken! A New Machine
Name in Japanese 目覚めよ 新たなるマシン
Release Date August 31st, 2011
Production Staff
Storyboard Kenichi Maeshima
DVD Volumes Volume 7
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode 26
Next Episode 28
Theme Songs
Opening Isshin Denshin
Ending Himitsu Kichi

Awaken! A New Machine (目覚めよ 新たなるマシン) is the twenty-seventh episode of the Danball Senki anime adaptation. It aired on August 31st 2011.

Plot Summary

Pandora uses her speed to cut down one of the Inbit's camera eyes. She then leads the other two into a corner where she appears to be trapped in a dead end. As the two start to fire at her, Ami commands Pandora to dodge their attacks and then simultaneously strikes down their other camera eyes. The three crash into each other and then explode. With the Inbit's out of the way construction begins On Ban's new LBX Odin, and Takuya takes the time to show the kids that the Seekers new base is right in the center of Tiny Orbit. Elsewhere Rina decides to infiltrate one of the Kaido's secret houses. She waits until the leader of the red team has left the room before going in to face Yoshimitsu. Her goal is to force him to approve usage of Optima in the medical field to save her sisters life. Elsewhere on the base Yagami is given a file that contains all the data on the Tokio Bridge incident, but when the red team begins to hunt him he is forced to alter his escape route. Also in the base is Jin, who has pulled data showing that Yuuya was used as a science experiment by Yoshimitsu. Jin decides to leave Yoshimitsu's care for good and join Ban and his friends fighting the Innovators. Eventually the man who gave Yagami the data leads him into a trap room and traps him, but Jin frees him allowing him to escape. Back at Yoshimitsu's office Rina holds a gun to Yoshimitsu and demands he allows Optima to go forward in the medical field. Yoshimitsu grabs the gun and gets into a wrestling contest, accidentally forcing the gun to go off and shoot him in the process. As Rina flees the scene Yoshimitsu is seen rising from the gunshot, but he is no longer human. Instead he is some sort of robot who has taken over Yoshimitsu's spot. Yagami finds Rina crying in the halls and drags her along so they can escape. The group flees to the spy jet Eclipse and manage to escape within it. Back at Tiny Orbit construction is finished on Odin. Ban assembles him and places the Platinum Capsule inside. As the group gets ready to test Odin's capabilities an alarm goes off inside Tiny Orbit. One of the rail trains has been hijacked, and its barreling full speed toward Tiny Orbit with the intention of crashing into it. 

Major Events

  • Ban obtained his newest LBX, Odin.