The Brilliant Players
Name in Japanese 華麗なるプレイヤーたち
Release Date July 11th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Brilliant Players (華麗なるプレイヤーたち) is the twenty-sixth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptaton. It aired on 11th July 2012.


As the BC Extras tournament begins, Ban and his friends decide to go watch, but Jessica cannot stand seeing all the cosplay and retreats before the first match can begin. Hiro and Yuuya head back for the competition with Hiro dressed as Senshiman and Yuuya dressed as another member from the series, but when Hiro criticizes Yuuya's costume it makes Yuuya a little upset, as he knows nothing about cosplay.

Hiro's teammate changes when Shirley, dressed as Senshigirl, enters the picture. Hiro and Shirley team up to form the Cosmic Hero Senshiman team. Yuuya is a little upset about being left behind, but he quickly meets Shirley's original teammate, a young girl named Alice. He agrees to team up with Alice.

The teams are divided into two blocks. Cosmic Hero Senshiman team ends up in A Block with Hiro and Alice, the Revenge Corps from Hell, over in B Block. Yuuya learns Alice has never battled with LBX's, only provided support, and he alters his fighting style to make them the most efficient team possible. Cosmic Hero Senshiman team easily advances to the finals and becomes the A Block champion, but Yuuya and Alice are met with a huge obstacle in the semifinals. A masked team known as Team Ota has been destroying opponents one after the other. They finally unveil themselves in the semifinals, and it's none other than Otared and Otacross. Jin sneaks out of the arena before the second round begins, and Yuuya alters his cosplay costume for each round throughout. 




  • Galactic Hero Senshiman Team
  • Revenge Army of Hell Team
  • Earth Defense Team
  • Twilight Dragon Knights Team
  • Team O.T.A.
  • Team Double Rose
  • Stealthy Alpha Team
  • Magical Sister Brothers