Porton's Pride
Wars 24 HQ
Name in Japanese ポルトンの誇り
Release Date 11th September, 2013
Production Staff
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode 23 (Wars)
Next Episode 25 (Wars)
Theme Songs
Opening Eternal
Ending Bokutachi no Wars

Porton's Pride is the twenty-fourth episode of the Danball Senki Wars anime adaptation. It was aired on 11th September 2013.

Major events

  • Catherine Ruth and Hinako Okita, the captain of the First Platoon of Porton, had multiple fights with each other and finally decided to fight it out in War Time.
    • However, the Fourth Platoon wasn't allowed to compete in the War Time by Reina Mito because they couldn't use War Time for their own personal issues.
  • Catherine convinced Arata Sena to help her to fight against Porton and Arata locked Haruki Izumo and Sakuya Hosono up in order to let the Fourth Platoon, except Yuno Kashima, compete in War Time.
  • When Porton and Jenock were about to fight, Rossius Union intercepted them, planning to take over the East End Bridge.
    • When they were done, War Time was over and Catherine and Hinako had a fight through their CCM.
  • Catherine, Arata, Hanako Sonoyama and Kiyoka Sendou received imposition from Reina Mito due to disobeying her order.




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