The Surprise Unison! Sigma Orbis
Sigorbis anime
Name in Japanese 驚愕合体 Σオービス
Release Date June 27th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Surprise Unison Σ Orbis (驚愕合体 Σオービス) is the twenty-fourth episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptaton. It aired on 27th July 2012.


With the army of LBX's at the door steps the group contacts Otacross and asks him to scan for a control computer. Otacross is unable to locate one because the group is being led by a control LBX. With their LBX's being upgraded the kids have no choice but to get spare LBX's from the lab. They fight and destroy a few of the LBX's, but the real trouble begins when Killer Droid shows up. He eliminates all the controlled LBX's and then targets the spare LBX's. He also knocks out the power. Professor Yamano is forced to stop work on Liu Bei, Triton, and Jeanne D and focus on Elysion, Perseus, and Minerva's upgrades with only 30 minutes of emergency power.

Killer Droid takes out the spare LBX's with ease and then powers down until Professor Yamano shows up with the upgraded trio. Killer Droid activates his K Dome battle field and traps Ban, Hiro, Ran, and Professor Yamano inside it. Hiro tries his special Strike Mode, but Perseus inflicts no damage to Killer Droid. Professor Yamano tells the kids to go to Dock Mode instead.

The three LBX's fuse together and become Sigma Orbis. All three have control over parts of Sigma Orbis. Ban is in charge of maneuvering, Ran defense, and Hiro attacking. Kiler Droid finds himself unable to land a single hit on Sigma Orbis, and Hiro finishes off Killer Droid with Sigma Orbis's finisher ε Drive Sword. After the battle, Professor Yamano stays in Europe and the kids return to NICS headquarters with all of them having upgraded LBX's. They are surprised though when Otacross reveals that Killer Droid is not a weapon of the Detectors. Instead, it is the creation of a new threat. 

Major events

  • Σ Orbis defeats Killer Droid: Wyvern in battle.


Attack Function/Special Mode used

Attack Function

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