The Uprising LBX Killer
Elysion.Triton& Minerva vs Killer Droid
Name in Japanese 戦慄のLBXキラー
Release Date June 20th, 2012
Production Staff
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Uprising LBX Killer (戦慄のLBXキラー) is the twenty-third episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptaton. It aired on 20th July 2012.


The train finally starts up again for Ban, Jin, and Ran allowing them to once again move towards Britannia clock tower. Meanwhile Alan Worthen spots Achilles Deed watching the battle unfold between Kirito and Yuuya and tells him to send in Killer Droid to capture him. Killer Droid tries to target Achilles Deed, but Achilles Deed never gets locked onto. Ban and company arrive and find Keita and wonder who could be battling. They also hear the commotion from Killer Droid above.

Inside the battle dome, Yuuya uses his shield to block most of Hakai-O custom's attacks. When the shield arm gets chopped off, he launches a surprise attack. He uses Liu Bei's finisher White Tiger Slash as Kirito's LBX is in the air to knock out Hakai-O custom while it can't manuever in the air. The dome lowers and Killer Droid is knocked down in front of them. Kirito decides to retreat, and Professor Yamano tells Ban and company to do the same after Yuuya deactivates the control computer.

Killer Droid keeps this from happening as he raises a battle shield and traps Ban, Jin, and Ran inside. The three try their best to stop Killer Droid. Ban and Ran activate their special modes: Knight Mode and Burning Mode. Minerva even finds what appears to be a weak spot on Killer Droid's chest. In the end it proves to be useless. Killer Droid causes the team to retreat because of his guns and blades and knocks all three of the LBX's out. With the LBX's defeated Killer Droid's shield comes down.

The group retreats back to the Observatory where Professor Yamano begins upgrades immediately. However, Alan Worthen's not satisfied though. He scans the area and finds the observatory. Suspecting that's where Achilles Deed has run off to, Alan sends a giant army of brainjacked LBX's to attack the observatory. 

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