Confrontation at the Clock Tower
LBXHakai-O(Kirito Custom)
Name in Japanese 時計台の対決
Release Date June 13th, 2012
Production Staff
Episode Navigation
Previous Episode 21 (W)
Next Episode 23 (W)
Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

Confrontation at the Clock Tower (時計台の対決) is the twenty-second episode of Danball Senki W anime adaptation. It was aired on 13th July 2012.


Alan Worthen meets with Omegadain staff and tells them to find a way to track the Detectors because they are attacking buildings with connections to Omegadain through the Paradise satellite to which they vow to do so. Meanwhile Professor Yamano contacts NICS and asks them to send the kids to Britannia, England so he can tune their LBX's and upgrade Elysion, Minerva, and Perseus. Secretary Kaios agrees, so the kids head there. They are taken to Professor Yamano's lab where he reveals he has come up with new weapons for the kids LBX special modes, but he needs to do maintenance on them first. Before the maintenance can begin, the Detectors brainjack Britannia clock tower's computer and takes over Britannia's LBX's.

The kids board the subway on two different cars. One of the cars containing Ban, Jin, and Ran shuts down on the way, but Jessica, Hiro, and Yuuya make it. As they begin to climb the clock tower they see the Asia area champion Keita has been turned into a slave player. He is defeated by angry Kirito, who is desperate for a battle much to Doctor Mummy and Alan Worthen's dismay. However Kirito refuses to let the NICS kids pass unless they can defeat him in battle.

He sends out his Hakai-O Kirito custom to battle as Hiro, Jessica, and Yuuya send out Perseus, Jeanne D, and Liu Bei. During the fight, Hakai-O proves to be a match for all three LBX at the same time. It smashes Yuuya into a wall in the ice field, matches Perseus's sword strikes with its Drills and starts to overwhelm him. When Jessica has Jeanne D assault Hakai-O with a barrage of its guns, Hakai-O has not only been revealed to completely block all of the shots with no damage, Kirito debuts Kousokuen Issen to finish off Jeanne D and eliminate Jessica from the battle. Yuuya and Hiro continue to battle but Hakai-O still has the advantage. Hiro plans to use his new special mode that he developed from his previous training in episode 21. Before he can activate it, Kirito has Hakai-O break off Perseus's arm and Breaks Over Hiro, leaving just Yuuya to face him one on one.

Major Events

  • Hiro, Yuuya and Jessica battle against Kirito Kazama.
  • Hakai-O: Kirito Custom made its debut.




​Attack Function used


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