The Mysterious Player, Haibara Yuuya
Name in Japanese 謎のプレイヤー 灰原ユウヤ
Release Date July 27th, 2011
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Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Mysterious Player, Haibara Yuuya (謎のプレイヤー 灰原ユウヤ) is the twenty-second episode of Danball Senki anime adaptation. It was aired on 27th July 2011.


Daiki battles Yujin in the Block D Finals. Most people think Daiki will get an easy victory thanks to his overwhelming speed and the 3-on-1 advantage, but Yujin convinces Daiki to face him one-on-one instead.

Afterwards Block F gets underway. The mysterious player Yuuya Haibara does not appear to have a lot of skills, but he keeps getting victories and advances to the Block F finals. Jin and Ban both realize Yuuya looks like he is going through a series of tests instead of fighting seriously, and when Yuuya advances to the Block F finals it becomes quite obvious his victories, which have been less than impressive, were all merely a series of tests. What's even more disturbing is the lack of communication from Yuuya.

As Yuuya advances from Block F, a 30-minute intermission is held so the five finalists can all get their LBX's in tip-top shape for the upcoming battle royale. 

Major Events

  • Yuuya Haibara appeared in the Artemis tournament with his LBX, Judge, and easily defeated his opponent, reaching the finals.



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