Decisive Battle! Ban VS. Hiro
TeamBan vs TeamHiro
Name in Japanese 決戦 バンVSヒロ
Release Date May 23rd, 2012
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Previous Episode 18 (W)
Next Episode 20 (W)
Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

Decisive Battle Ban VS Hiro (決戦 バンVSヒロ) is the nineteenth episode of Danball Senki W anime.


With the assassin having been defeated Otacross takes the time to travel from shop-to-shop collecting rare LBX kits. Meanwhile Cobra returns to the beach and flirts with the ladies only to get multiple face slaps. The kids return to the stadium and arrive just in time to watch the D Block Finals. In D Blocks Final Otarangers Z takes on Team Buld. Otasilver and Otagold appear to take on a lot of damage while Otared analyzes the enemy's movements. Eventually Ota Red sees through the attack pattern of Team Buld, and the Ota Rangers advance to the final.

Finally E Block comes into play. Team Ban and Team Hiro easily advance to the block final. Before the match can begin, Ran seems overly optimistic about facing Ban, so Jessica comes up with a plan. As the battle begins Yuuya's Liu Bei and Ran's Minerva pursue Ban's Elysion while Jin's Triton and Jessica's Jeanne D pursue Hiro's Perseus.

Both teams reveal those strategies were traps for their opponents when Yuuya comes back and starts firing at Jin from the castle rooftop. Jin decides to go and help take out Ran but comes back when Jeanne D gets cornered. The trap was actually meant for Jin. Yuuya unleashes Hyper Energy Bomb straight into Triton's chest causing Triton to fall over to save Jeanne D. Triton gets backup and Triton and Liu Bei come face-to-face. Jin fires back with his own Attack Function, Ocean Blast and the damage both have taken ends in a double break over. At the same time Minerva and Jeanne D fire simultaneous shots and take each other out, leaving Ban and Hiro as the final two.

The two put on the greatest recorded LBX battle and end up taking each other out simultaneously with the others weapons and finishers. Both teams are declared to be losers, meaning no one will come out of Block E, but the crowd begins to cheer for both Ban and Hiro causing the tournament sponsors to change their minds. Ban and Hiro are both advanced to the final, making it a 6-man battle royal to come. 

Major events

  • Ban, Jin and Jessica battle against Hiro, Yuuya and Ran. The battle ended with a draw, with both teams ending up in the finals.



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