The Artemis Warfare
Name in Japanese アルテミス攻防戦
Release Date May 16th, 2012
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Previous Episode 17 (W)
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Theme Songs
Opening Sanmi Ittai
Ending Me wo Tojite...

The Artemis Warfare (アルテミス攻防戦) is the eighteenth episode of Danball Senki W anime.


As the C-Block final continues Mad Dog activates his finisher Invisible to avoid attacks from Hakai-O Z and Nightmare. Ban and Hiro dive underwater and get into a battle with 2 Nazu LBX's. Ban comes up with a strategy to stop the Nazu's movements. He takes one of Perseus' swords and creates a whirlpool with the finisher Storm Sword. Perseus follows it up with a one sword Power Slash to destroy the Nazu's. Afterwards Elysion and Perseus dodge some attacks from the Router LBX before slashing him apart.

With this Assassin powers down, but Jackal has planned carefully. He activates a second router LBX at the 850m mark. Ban and Hiro rush to the scene on the Riding Saucers. Assassin powers back up and takes his final target. Ban and Hiro get ambushed at the second site by 4 Nazu's, but Achilles Deed starts sniping the Nazu's from the air, without Ban and Hiro knowing who has done it. At Artemis, Daiki reveals that the Mad Dog is on auto mode, so Gouda rushes in with a chaou-Gao Cannon. Mad Dog jumps to avoid it, but Daiki finishes it with a Death Scythe Hurricane. Back on the water Elysion and Perseus slash the second router LBX to finish the assassination attempt for good.

Yagami recovers the Assassin LBX, and then Takuya decides they should all rush to Artemis to capture the Assassin. Otacross informs the group the Assassin's EM Waves shut off when the battle with Gouda and Daiki ended. The group tries to pursue Jackal, but Asuka gets to him first. (S)he enters into a battle with Jackal and another Assassin, which is completely defeated by Vampire Cat's Triple Head Spear. When they come out of the D-Egg Jackal has been surrounded. Ban and company are on one side while Yagami and company are on the other. Jackal is arrested and taken away by NICS. Meanwhile the kids return to Artemis to get ready for their chance to win it all. 

Major Events

  • Gouda/Sendou Team won the C Block preliminaries and advanced to the finals.
  • Jackal was revealed to be the assasin
  • Asuka Kojou battled against Jackal, and the battle ended with Asuka's victory.

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