The Battle Triangle
Angra Texas 4
Name in Japanese 決闘 トライアングル
Release Date May 2nd, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

The Battle Triangle (決闘 トライアングル) is the fifteenth episode of Danball Senki W anime.


Jessica, Hiro, and Billy Stallion prepare to battle for the Angra Texas title. Hiro decides to go with his Perseus swords while Jessica equips Jeanne D with only one gun and a shield to try and hold back Billy's Joker and his quick strike guns. The stadium is revealed, and all non-combatants are asked to leave, including the coaches.

As the final match starts Billy decides to first target Perseus. He causes Perseus to run into a mine field, thereby trapping him and making it where he will fight Jessica one-on-one. Jessica mistakenly thinks that Billy has feelings for her, but when Billy admits the only thing he has feelings for is LBX's and that the matches he had been checking out were Hiro's she gets mad. Jessica is able to use this fury to increase her speed, and she uses the terrain as a shield. Billy decides to narrow things down and uses his quick draw to eliminate most of the mountains Jessica has been using as a shield. He then shoots her shield out of her hand, leading to a one-on-one quick draw competition. Hiro decides to use his Cosmo Slash finisher to eliminate the rest of the land mines, and as the smokescreen reaches Jessica and Billy shots are fired. Bill walks out the winner and turns his eyes towards Hiro.

Billy's speed proves to be too much for Hiro at first, but Hiro remembers what it was like fighting with a lance. He decides to turn Perseus's entire body into a lance. He manages to knock away Billy's guns, and after him and Billy regain their weapons of choice they face down each other. Hiro gains new speed and manages to make it a close fight that Billy cannot keep up with. Billy is defeated, and Hiro becomes the Anga Texas champion. With his new confidence Hiro gains automatic admission to Artemis, meaning NICS could form up to four teams if they choose to. 

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