Clash! Hiro VS Ran
Name in Japanese 激突 ヒロVSラン
Release Date April 25th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

Clash! Hiro VS Ran (激突 ヒロVSラン) is the fourteenth episode of Danball Senki W anime.


Angra Texas continues. Ran get frustrated not being able to balance the sword and shield and switches to her usual weapons to get win 9. Shortly afterwards Jessica and Billy get their tenth wins to advance to the finals, and Hiro picks up his ninth win. Angra Texas announces a head-to-had match between Hiro and Ran will determine who gets the final spot. They are given half an hour to prepare for the fight.

During this time Ran and Yuuya get into a fight, making Yuuya feel like a lousy coach. Jessica tells him not to worry that Ban will have learned from him, but she says it takes girls using their own unique skills to be able to apply all the principles. Outside Jin comes across Ran and is surprised by what he sees. The half hour draws to a conclusion, and the fight between Ran and Hiro begins. Jin comes in as coach for Ran for this one fight instead of Yuuya.

Despite her earlier struggles Ran appears to have mastered the sword and shield Liu Bei uses and she is able to hold off most of Perseus's attacks. The two appear fairly even, but Ran slowly drives Hiro into a corner. Little does she know Hiro is studying her looking for a way to throw Minerva off balance. During a thrust Hiro leaps into the air instead of to the side causing Minerva to lose balance. Perseus jabs Minerva from behind causing a break over and moving Hiro onto the 3-way final. 

Major Events

  • Hiro battles against Ran. The battle ended with Hiro's victory.

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