Angra Texas of the Wilderness
Angra Texas 2
Name in Japanese 荒野のアングラテキサス
Release Date April 18th, 2011
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Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

Angra Texas of the Wilderness (荒野のアングラテキサス) is the thirteenth episode of Danball Senki W anime.


The assassination attempt information is revealed. It will take place at the Peace Speech to be held on Peace Island the day of Artemis. Artemis is to be held in the same spot, so the plan calls for LBX's to attempt the assassination from Artemis. Seeing no other choice Ban, Jin, and Yuuya decide to use their automatic entries from being finalists the year before to enter Artemis. Jessica proposes they form two teams of three since each team can hold up to three members. The others agree, but Hiro hesitates saying he does not have the experience needed to compete at Artemis. Otacross proposes Hiro, Ran, and Jessica be given special training by participating in Angra Texas, A Nation's most dangerous and no rules LBX tournament. Jessica protests the decision, but her father overrules her and makes it official.

Otacross then assigns Ban, Jin, and Yuuya as trainers for Hiro, Ran, and Jessica. Ban is teamed up with Hiro, Jin with Jessica, and Yuuya with Ran. Jessica and Ran refuse to listen to any advice Jin and Yuuya give them during training, but Hiro absorbs it all. The day comes and Angra Texas begins. Otacross throws out another surprise. The combatants have to use their teacher's weapons up until the final round to get used to customizing their LBX's.

The rules are explained. 10 battle circuits are set up around the stadium. Combatants will receive the number of an arena on their CCM and go battle there. 10 wins are needed to make it to the finals, but only the first 3 to get 10 wins will make it. If you lose or tie you are eliminated. Hiro and Ran win their first round matches with ease, but Jessica struggles with a Buld that has 100 firing rounds. Jin advices Jessica to use her memory for something other than memorizing specs. Jessica decides to study her opponents movements and memorizes them. With this knowledge present Jessica is able to dodge every attack. Eventually she moves in and destroys the Buld to move on in the tournament.

Major Events

  • Jessica Kaios battled against Mustang Max. The battle ended with Jessica's victory.




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