Hiro's Hidden Power
Perseus vs New Egypt005
Name in Japanese ヒロに眠る力
Release Date April 4th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

Hiro's Hidden Power (ヒロに眠る力) is the eleventh episode of Danball Senki W anime. It was aired on 4th April, 2012.


Hiro asks the girls to let him battle Goujou, so the girls agree to take the Anubius LBX's on. The battle seems fairly even until the team uses their finishers, including the debut of Jeanne D's Sidewinder-8 finisher.

With the mystery LBX stopped and the Anubius LBX's destroyed Goujou collapses and is freed from the control collar. Ran and Jessica activate the vaccine system and stop the super computer. Before they can leave though Hiro gets another vision showing him the hotel could explode. Hiro insists on Otacross looking it up and refuses to leave until this mystery can be solved.

While waiting for more details a computer in the hotel overheats and explodes. It causes some minor damage to the hotel. Otacross reveals that the hotel's cooling system appears to be what was compromised during the brainjacking. While it cooled off the hotel enough to help the customers, it did not cool it off enough for the computer systems.

Otacross finds a second computer getting ready to catch fire. If it does, it will ignite the oil tank next to it and cause the hotel to explode. The hotel is evacuated and Hiro and Goujou rush to stop the computer. They find Achilles Deed blocking their way so they send out Perseus and the mystery LBX, which is finally revealed to be called Shin Egypt.

Shortly after the battle commences Ran and Jessica use the Duck Shuttle's control pods to send their LBX's to distract Achilles Deed. With Achilles Deed distracted Hiro and Goujou are able to turn off the super computer and prevent it from exploding. Back in N City, Takuya learns that the Egyptian riot has been stopped. Rather than have the Duck Shuttle pick them up, he decides to have the Duck Shuttle return to N City while they use the train to travel back. 

Major Events

  • Hiro, Ran and Jessica battle against M. Gojou. The battle ended with Hiro, Ran and Jessica's victory.
  • Hiro discovered his own ability to see the future.
    • In the vision, the hotel exploded but it didn't come true as Hiro and M. Goujou prevented it.

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