Mysterious Transfer Student, Jin Kaidou
Name in Japanese 謎の転校生 海道ジン
Release Date May 4th, 2011
Production Staff
Script Yukinori Fukushima
Storyboard Mitsutoshi Satō
Episode Director Mitsutoshi Satō
Animation Director Hisashi Shimokawa

Yukari Miyakawa

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Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

Mysterious Transfer Student, Jin Kaidou (謎の転校生 海道ジン) is the tenth episode of the Danball Senki anime. It aired on May 4th, 2011.

Plot Summary

Ryuu overhears his teacher and the principal saying an exchange student is coming in, so he runs and tells the entire class. When the teacher comes in and tries to take attendance Ryuu asks her about the exchange student. She admits they are supposed to get one that day, but he has not arrived yet. A jet fighter then flies up to the school. A boy climbs out of the jet fighter and into Ban's class. It is the exchange student. He introduces himself as Kaidō Jin and says he has nothing else to tell the class. When Ryuu asks him about LBX's later on he ignores him.

Instead of trying to make friends Ban, Ami, and Kazu head for Blue Cats. Hazami tells them Angrivisdas is an unsanctioned tournament with no regulations. This year however the winner will receive permission to enter Artmeis, the contest that determines the best LBX player in the world. Takuya takes the group to a secret door in Blue Cats that leads down to Angrivisdas and lets them watch how the fights are. To their surprise none other than Jin is in the arena, and he easily crushes his competition. As he leaves the crowd yells that they hope his The Emperor gets crushed during Angrivisdas.

Ban and his friends head to Kitijima's where Kitijima trains the three on increasing speed with a newly customized Gladiator. It takes a full week, but Ban is finally able to defeat Gladiator. As a reward Kitijima rewards Ban with the new Sigma D chip, a chip made to increase LBX's speed. As Ban and his friends prepare to leave none other than the Four Devas appear. They block Kitijima's shop entrance and have been told to take Ban and his friends to visit Gouda and to not take no for an answer. 

Major Events