The Steel Monster, Ijitheus
009 2
Name in Japanese 鋼鉄の怪物イジテウス
Release Date April 27, 2011
Production Staff
Script Kenichi Yamada
Storyboard Norio Nitta
Episode Director Norio Nitta
Animation Director Hideaki Matsuoka
Ryousuke Senbo
Toshiaki Ōhashi
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Previous Episode 08
Next Episode 10
Theme Songs
Opening 1 Dream
Ending Boku no Chokinbako

The Steel Monster, Ijitheus (鋼鉄の怪物イジテウス) is the ninth episode of the Danball Senki anime. It aired on April 27, 2011.

Plot Summary

Achilles manages to dodge the Steel Monster before being run over. At Blue Cats Takuya and Hiyama pull up computer readings and see that Achilles, Kunoichi, and Hunter are involved in battle. Takuya runs a computer scan and sees they are at Angel Star, so the two depart immediately to rescue them.

The Steel Monster quickly shows how it got its name. The tractor is enforced with heavy armor that the LBX's cannot penetrate. It is also possessed with a laser eye system. Hunter accidentally shoots a cloth down over the camera of the Steel Monster, and Ban realizes that camera is the Achilles heel. The three change their targeting strategy to the camera, and when they take out the camera Kirishima switches to manual view. Manual view at least slows down the Steel Monsters response time.

A mysterious silver colored LBX then appears. It distracts the Steel Monster and points out the large crate above it. Hunter switches his target to the crate, which comes down and crushes the Steel Monster. Kirishima escapes unharmed. Ban is then told over the Loud Speaker that Professor Yamano has been removed and the only way he can get more information is by winning Angrivisdas. An escape hatch opens revealing Hiyama and Gouda. The two lead Ban, Ami, and Kazu out safely before taking them back to Blue Cats. Once back at Blue Cats Hiyama reveal they are back to square one, though this time they really have no idea where he is being kept. 

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