Ami Who Became The Enemy
Name in Japanese 敵になったアミ
Release Date March 7th, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

Ami Who Became The Enemy (敵になったアミ) is the eighth episode of Danball Senki W anime. It was aired on 7 March, 2012.


Ami battles Ban and Otacross in a winner takes all slugfest. Ami's speed seems to be too much for Ban and Oacross to handle. Otacross eventually gets frustrated and just has Perfect ZX-3 throw out an arm. It manages to make contact with the Pandora and temporarily stuns Ami. Ban follows suit by firing off his finisher Holy Lance forcing the Pandora and Kunoichi's into the air. Otacross uses his Thundercross while the LBX's are in the air to cause a breakover and free Ami from control. Ami collapses, and Ban decides to install the vaccine program.

We learn the LBX's the others were fighting were brainjacked as they shut down when the vaccine program finishes installing. Ami comes to and admits she does not remember anything after Pandora was destroyed at Tokio SIA. Ami is told how the Detectors are handling the LBX fighters and decides to fight, but a severe headache hits her and keeps her from joining NICS at this time. The team takes Ami back to Japan where she is placed in Rina and the Seekers custody.

Takuya joins the group and announces he'll be joining them from here on out, but he also brings with him a surprise. Yuuya Haibara joins the team. The group returns to N City where Takuya and Yuuya are officially made NICS members. NICS decides to investigate Crystar Ingram and Omegadain behind the scenes, but first they decide to analyze the new data they received from the China incident. The kids are released for some free time, and Yuuya tells the others how Jin saved his life and how he and Jin became friends. 

Major Events

  • Ban and Otacross battle against Ami. The battle ended with Ban's and Otacross' victory.
  • Ami returned back to normal and returned to Japan.
  • Takuya Uzaki and Yuuya Haibara joined the NICS.



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