Take Off, the Duck Shuttle
Name in Japanese ダックシャトル発進
Release Date February 22nd, 2012
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Theme Songs
Opening Brave Hero
Ending Do Wak Parappa

Take Off, the Duck Shuttle (ダックシャトル発進) is the sixth episode of Danball Senki W anime. It aired on 22 February, 2012.


Ban, Ran, and Cobra run out to a nearby car to head to the subway station to recover Hiro and Jessica, but Achilles Deed is seen piloting the train. As the train is moved from the alternative route to the main route, a mysterious LBX begins to fill the subway with thick, sticky threads similar to a spiderweb. The threads catch on to the train and stop it roughly 1m before impact with one of the parked subway trains. As Jessica and Hiro get off they run to see what stopped the train. They find the mysterious LBX which returns to Jin. Ban and Ran arrive and Ban and Jin are reunited. Jin reveals his new LBX is Triton. Triton was customized for him and does not contain the M chip. He also reveals he was brought by another of Professor Yamano's assistants, Mongoose. Cobra and Mongoose go at it while NICS recovers Kousuke and takes him back to examine him. Over in Japan things are looking down for Tiny Orbit. The stocks are crashing and people are calling for Takuya's resignation. Before Takuya can do anything about it Tiny Orbit is bought out by Crystar Ingram, and Crystar Ingram places Kawamura Muneto, a former Innovator member in charge of the company. Takuya is kicked out of Tiny Orbit, but as he leaves his secretary tells him to let her handle the rest inside Tiny Orbit. Back in A Nation NICS makes Jin a member of the team. Ban and company are then taken to meet their resident hacker who is revealed to be none other than Otacross. Otacross reveals he has learned that the computers being brainjacked continue to maintain their functions, but they do not operate at 100%. Otacross then scans the many super computers and learns of a computer in Shang-Pao, China which is about to be brainjacked. NICS loads the team up onto their transport vehicle, the Duck Shuttle, and they take off for China. Meanwhile Takuya meets with Yagami and reveals that Crystar Ingram and Omegadain have some sort of relation. Yagami then asks Takuya to go on some sort of mission in his place. 

Major Events

  • Mangoose made his first appearence.
  • Takuya Uzaki have been resigned from his position as CEO of Tiny Orbit.
  • Muneto Sawamura has been assigned by Crystar Ingram to be Tiny Orbit's next CEO.